Friday, December 4, 2009


For those wondering where I am -- and really only one has, technically, at least here on the blog (bless you, Anonymous, truest of readers) -- I've gone to ground.

It says in the papers that I've been spotted in Costa Rica, either leading an army of mercenaries in my long-planned coup, or, drunk in mud hut. While I will neither confirm nor deny nor confirm these reports, the truth is a combination of other factors:

1) I'm writing again, my first new script project in a couple years.
2) Mrs. Splash has given birth to another Splashling, meaning we're now outnumbered.
3) The black helicopters have been hovering over the Splash Cave a lot again lately.
4) What little time all that leaves me for fighting the good fight these days is more economically spent in that one-click, hit-and-run Thunderdome known as Facebook.

Also, the Wavelength has been inundated by Japanese and Italian Viagra SPAMers lately to such a degree that it's kinda souring me on Blogger...and Viagra.

And what with baseball's winter meetings upon us -- and spring training just a few short months away? Well...

Not that I've unplugged the Wavelength forever. I'll be back, even if only to feed my ego or throw the government and Splashlings off my trail when they get too close.

Until then, stay classy, San Diego.

(Now will somebody please tell me how to say "keep it down, I have a splitting headache" in Spanish?)