Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Getting nervous here...

Should I be starting to worry about '24'? Sure it's produced by conservatives, but here we go again last night with the white guys in suits. If Big Oil or Business ends up the ultimate villain here, I'm burning my Jack Bauer underoos.

Hope the pressure isn't getting to Joel Surnow and company.

Actually, more annoying to me is the way the show seems to be buying into the Bush Administration's blind faith that democracy will always trump deeply held religious beliefs. Nothing trumps deeply held religious beliefs, certainly not for Islamo-fascists. Good luck getting even American-born so-called moderate Muslims to come down on the so-called extreme wing of the faith. It just doesn't happen.

And I'm still none too happy about Jack's weenie brother being named Graham, albeit "Graeme." Such a load of crap. We're always villains in the media. Like albinos and cavemen. Sign my petition and join me on the Million Graham March on D.C. later this year.

Still, a great and meaty two hours last night. The presidential intrigue -- by far the best part of last season -- looks to be heating up nicely. And I may be wrong. Surnow and Gordon may just be suckering us in with the dodge Left only to weave Right in the end. Hope so, because I love those underoos.


Garry J. Moes said...

So, Splash, old boy, can we assume your real name is Graham?

Splash said...

Nope. I'm the weenie brother of a guy named Jack. I just really hate the name "Graham."

DissonanceIsBliss said...

A friend in Afghanistan told me that the one thing that does trump deeply held Islamic fascism is tribalism. Tribalism actually comes first, then religion (according to him). Interesting take, I thought.