Thursday, March 22, 2007

Larry Flynt wins again

Your Honor, I breast my case

Here we go again with those "activist judges" telling you how your world should work. Legally elected representatives of the people be damned. The welfare of kids be damned.

Our hope to beat this latest bit of legislation by black-robed royal fiat...?

" 'It doesn't matter if the Republicans are in the majority or the Democrats. This issue is something both sides of the aisle feel strongly about,' said Donna Rice Hughes of Enough Is Enough, an Internet pornography watchdog group."

Not really. Despite what I just said about our elected representatives.

Porn is big money, like illegal-immigration cheap labor and the abortion industry. On the other hand, maybe we can hope this is one of those election time no-brainers that most Congressmen and Senators will jump at regardless of their special interest obligations.

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