Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cinemania confimed

Wow, I was just making a clever point with that last post, but it turns out I was onto something after all.

We all know the Matrix connection to Columbine, and now we learn Cho was inspired by a "bit o' the ultraviolence" in a Korean film.

Ten bucks says they find at least one Marilyn Manson tune in his iPod, too.

Manson, of course, was a god to the Columbine killers. Yet the man who once in a magazine interview urged his fans to "create their own apocalypse" has yet to receive even a verbal slap on the wrist from anyone left of center in the media when fans do just that. Nor will the film community 1) admit to being enablers-for-profit or 2) self-police themselves to prevent the next wannabe Natural Born Killers when they come along.

And Rosie's again blaming "the guns" over our cultural dream makers?

Speaking of the Founders' insurance policy against bad government, don't miss this excellent piece on the renewed calls for repealing the Second Amendment in the aftermath of Virginia Tech. (And don't you love how those who see partial birth abortion in the constitution can't wait to yank what's explicitly in there?) I won't tell you who wrote the article, lest the knee-jerk lefties among us refuse to take the bait.

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