Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Obama 'Gores' himself; No steak knives for O.J.

Bush lied, 10,000 died!

Oh what a beautiful moooorning! Oh what a beautiful daaaaay!

Nothing like enjoying a big bowl of Wheaties over headlines (page 8, if anwywhere, for the liberal press) of a Democrat presidential candidate shooting himself in the foot.

In case you missed it, Barak Obama just went Al Gore's "I invented the Internet" route by claiming 10,000 people died in Kansas.

Where's that big Conan O'Brien "ASS!!" stamp when you need it?

Notice too the AP story gives him a pass in the very first line of the story, offering he was merely "caught up in the fervor" of campaigning. That, my friends, is called "editorializing," and it's allowed only in benefit of left-leaning individuals on the public stage.

Watch the video. He's in full control of himself, even pausing to repeat himself for effect just before the gaffe.

Another reason this is such a lovely morn is the tall glass of "O.J." that arrived with my Obama Flakes. Story here.

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