Thursday, May 24, 2007

Why I hate the mainstream press, part II

No point. It just makes me feel better.

Fans of true cinema verite (as opposed to the Michael Moore/'War Tapes' variety) are urged to click on over to this fantastic Website.

More accurately, it's a hard-hitting blog and documentary-in-progress being put together by a Hollywood agent who quit his job -- and has since been ostracised by just about everybody he knew -- to be embedded with Marines in Iraq.

Tons of footage to check out. Watch the “Living With Snipers” clip (the only bit I took the time to watch before rushing here to tell you about it) to hear how frustrated the guys on the ground are at the complete and apparently wilful shafting they get in the press.

When you're done there, check out this e-mail quote posted at the BlackFive blog, from a soldier also fed up with the b.s. Note that Fox News doesn't get a pass here either.

...Hello media, do you know you indirectly kill American soldiers every day? You inspire and report the enemy's objective every day. You are the enemy's greatest weapon. The enemy cannot beat us on the battlefield so all he does is try to wreak enough havoc and have you report it every day. With you and the enemy using each other, you continually break the will of the American public and American government.

"We go out daily and bust and kill the enemy, uncover and destroy huge weapons caches and continue to establish infrastructure. So daily we put a whoopin on the enemy, but all the enemy has to do is turn on the TV and get re-inspired. He gets to see his daily roadside bomb, truck bomb, suicide bomber or mortar attack. He doesn't see any accomplishments of the U.S. military (FOX, you're not exempt, you suck also)...
Amen, brother. The Wavelength feels your pain. And stands ready to crash down without mercy on anyone who doesn't.

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