Monday, June 11, 2007

Bush-a-palooza 2007!!

Maybe Iraq was a good idea after all.

President Bush's popularity is at an all-time high, his poll numbers approaching 110% approval for his job performance and decision to fight in Iraq... Not here, of course, but in Albania. A Muslim nation. One of the poorest in the region.

Bush was a total rock star as he worked the crowd in Tirana, mobbed by youth straining for high fives, teenage girls screaming his name, old ladies kissing his cheek.
"...[Albania] has just issued three postage stamps bearing Bush's likeness, and a street in front of the parliament building has been renamed for him. At a mosque in the center of town, Uncle Sam hats were stacked in the prayer room..."
All because Bush and a line of American presidents going back to Woodrow Wilson have steadfastly stood for the right of self-governance for the former Soviet Bloc country.

And these huddled masses see Iraq the way Bush does.
" '...USA have the right and responsibility for all the world to protect the freedom,' said Ilir Lamce, 37, a financial analyst who was among those waiting for Bush, expressing the views of many.

'This is the right war.' Sami Berisha, who drove seven hours from Kosovo to see Bush, said he could not understand anyone who would take part in a protest against the president. 'I think these are crazy people,' he said,' because democracy begins in America.' "
So let me get this straight. A nation struggling for freedom thinks Bush is the greatest thing since the wheel, but here at home, a nation that takes it's freedom for granted thinks he's the worst thing since Hitler?

I posted so many photos here because I'm sure it's the last time we'll see the Prez feelin' the love in a long time. At least until the next time he visits Albania, Poland, Ukraine, Kuwait, etc. -- you know, countries that actually know what they're talking about when it comes to tyranny and oppression.

More photos here. Read 'em and weep Harry Reid.

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