Saturday, November 10, 2007

Discrimination! Discrimination!

We're laughing at you, Ellen. Not with.

It seems Ellen DeGeneres -- THE most talented comedienne in the universe prior to the writers' strike -- is in trouble after having crossed picket lines to keep her show afloat.

As a result, IMDB has now confirmed the opinion of the actual universe -- that Ellen is, in fact, a no-talent hack who hasn't earned an honest laugh in her novelty-act career.

Yes, the WGA is angry at Her Lesbianess enough to tell the truth at last...
"...One writer for her former 2001-2002 sitcom, The Ellen Show, reports she treated her writers 'like s**t'. The unnamed writer adds on his internet blog, 'I'm disappointed in Ellen (for crossing the picket line) but not surprised... given what I've seen from her with my own two eyes.' "
Those would be the same eyes we in the real world turned away from both "The Ellen Show" and the Oscars because Ellen was stinking up the joint with her lame shtick.
"...A TV insider tells the New York Post's PageSix, 'DeGeneres is unwilling to honour the picket line because this is her last chance in show business. This show is the only thing keeping her from a lifetime of touring college campuses.' "
Apart from a few college campuses with particularly active Women's Studies departments, I don't think this Plan B would put much food on the table either.

And in other news from the wide world of unattractive washed-up lesbians, Rosie O'Donnell will not be hosting an MSNBC show after all.
"...Writing on her website blog, she says, 'we were close to a deal. almost done. i let it slip in miami, causing panic on the studio end. well, what can u do. 2day there is no deal... poof. my career as a pundit is over b4 it began.'
poof. your career wuz over already, rosie. but this is good 4u... maybe u can uz the time 2 go back 2 skewl and learn how 2 communic8 properly.

Since disasters like these often come in threes, our prayers go out to Melissa Etheridge in whatever bar she's opening for the Indigo Girls tonight.

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