Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thanks and Praise

Shades of Iwo Jima?

Hey, libs... Hear that sound? That's history rolling on without you again.

This story just gets better and better. Too bad it isn't being told in the U.S. Wanna know when it will get told? When troop withdrawls begin for all the right reasons and the Democrats in Congress start taking credit for it anyway.

Also at George Bush's funeral, when guys like Keith Olbermann will fondly recall the good old days reporting the march of freedom under visionary Uncle Dubya. (See Sam Donaldson and friends at Ronald Reagan's funeral.)

Thank God we have guys like Michael Yon on hand to record the truth. I love the fact that he's making this photo available to the media for free, too. As in, "I dare ya to ignore this one."

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