Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thrown to the 'Lions'

I dunno... Stall 'em. Tell 'em I'm not here.

Comedian Brad Stine has said, "It's my dream to see political correctness die in my lifetime. But first...I want to watch it suffer."

Libertas has given us a front row seat to the spectacular death of film after liberal film pertaining to the war on terror, the latest being Lions for Lambs.

Since I love a circus maximus too, let me contribute this interview with Lions writer Matthew Michael Carnahan.

First, the interview preface. And it's a humdinger:
"While many recent films concerning Iraq have taken a political stance, writer Matthew Michael Carnahan sought to do something different. The result, this week's Lions for Lambs, attempts to engage the audience in as non-partisan a debate as you'll find in Hollywood."
It's fun watching these people go down, but when they don't see it coming? Even more fun.
"Whereas Carnahan agrees he doesn't like the idea of war, he tries to make the case for how we can pull out, and why it is important for the American public to be less apathetic towards the war and to do something."
So...whereas Carnahan doesn't like the idea of war, he doesn't like the idea of war. Got it. Yes, there's laughs o'plenty in this interview, but I'll cut to my favorite.
Interviewer: "So then if [the film is] a call to action, what's the 'action'? "

Carnahan: To make this war, and the loss of American lives... and the fact that four thousand of my countrymen...the fact that they are dying and it's not a part of our daily lives. That it's not a daily cognition on my part that as we are having this discussion there are people a lot younger than us fighting and dying and going through some of the most terrifying moments imaginable. Basically I just wanted us in our daily lives to become cognizant of that.'s, like, people need to be aware of, y'know, stuff going on out there and, like, know about it and stuff.

Hes' not that stupid, of course. The movie aspired to lead a people's revolt against a war that we're now winning. And even if we were losing, the film was headed for failure, and everyone knew it when this interview was conducted. So do we really expect him admit that, turns out, nobody is interested in what this film says?

I firmly believe we're witnessing the beginning of the end for the old guard, baby boomer regime in Hollywood. I realize younger people are part of this, but likely the vast majority of them -- maybe even Carnahan -- simply row to whatever master happens to be beating the cadence.

It's at the top that this degree of managerial incompetence and personal indulgence over sound business practices will be punished, and that can only result in blessedly apolitical entertainment or actively push things toward Red State profitability.

Either way, it's a win/win for everyone but geriatric hippie studio bosses who, at some point sooner rather than later, will be shown the door.

Click here for the complete interview with Matthew Michael Carnahan.

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