Friday, December 7, 2007

Thoughts on "Lone Survivor"

Real SEALs soon to become reel SEALs. Luttrell is far right.

While scrounging around for updates on the planned adaptation of "Lone Survivor," I came across this older report. I'd heard most of the details surrounding the book's sale at the time, but missed this:
"By late July, [author and former Navy SEAL] Luttrell's book had become a surprise best-seller, and producers and executives were clamoring to meet the 6-foot-5-inch Texan.

For Luttrell, the most important item on his list was that any adaptation had to respect his fallen comrades, so he wanted to achieve a comfort level with his suitors. [Peter] Berg and Luttrell took to each other since the director is a fellow Texan with a love for the SEALs, who appear in 'Kingdom.' "

What's encouraging about this whole thing:

1) The H'wood Establishment's anti-military agenda is so obvious by now that outsiders like Luttrell are now locking in the integrity of their stories at the contract level.

2) My good vibe about the phenomenally talented Peter Berg is further confirmed.

3) This project is not only being made, but the rights went for a hefty $2 mil.

Can it be the collective suck of a dozen defeatist propaganda films has begun to sink in? At least to a few pragmatic play-makers?

Then again, it's still a story of defeat they've finally lined up to get right.

Why is uncommon valor only worthy when it's a tale of things gone wrong? Black Hawk Down was fantastic, but the lasting image of that film is still charred American bodies and a tactical retreat on low ammo.

Spectacular SEAL victories are out there. Why not the true story of the SEAL platoon that lost brothers on Roberts Ridge, then made it their mission to find, ambush and slaughter to the man the Chechens in Afghanistan who were responsible? Why not the story of the operator who lost a leg on one deployment, then returned to active behind-the-lines service with a prosthetic leg?

Don't get me wrong. I'm beyond thrilled the sacrifice and patriotism of Luttrell's platoon will get first-class deployment to the Hollywood battlefront. But when they're still green lighting stuff like this, this and this on a daily basis, it's a little early to start singing "Hooray for Hollywood" again.

Then there's what might still become of "Lone Survivor." Just watch the direction this interview with an "unbiased" reporter takes Luttrell and you'll see where, I fear, Hollywood might take this story.

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