Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Obama: King of Utopia?

He's a maaaagic man!

Our friends over at Graybrook have another fine post up today, this time on the suicidal Utopian underpinnings of the Obama phenomenon. A danger brought into sharper focus when John Lennon's empty (yet inescapable these days) hymn to humanism"Imagine" becomes the soundtrack to such cultist fervor.
"Here is why a nation with Obama as president will be in such mortal danger. It is because we currently face determined [Islamic] enemies which have a well-honed grand scheme / master plan and are highly motivated to carry it out. Dreamers imagining us "living for today" in a "brotherhood of man" are no match for enemies such as these, who have no interest whatsoever in brotherhood with those who imagine no heaven, no hell and no religion."
If after reading this piece you still doubt Obama represents a cult leader for the brainless, check out this website. Be prepared to laugh.

The video is hilarious enough, but when you read the responses from Obama disciples all but claiming to be healed by the accidental touch of their messiah's garments, you'll really be in for some fun.

I spent most of last Saturday over there messing with their god for kicks. Truly like shooting sheep in a barrel. Only problem is, a lot of these sheep can vote.

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