Monday, May 19, 2008

Sucks to be South African

That would be black on black violence

Until recently it only sucked to be white and South African.

First, after fleeing oppression in Europe, you carve the only successful modern nation in Africa out of the wilderness over several hundred years, only to be forced to hand it over to the Marxist natives due to pressure from Danny Glover and Hollywood-informed global public opinion. Then, you're forced to stand by watch helplessly as your paradise crumbles into the car-jacking and rape capital of the industrialized world. (I reference again the car marketed in S.A. during the 1990s featuring a flame-thrower undercarriage.) Then, just when things were looking moderately now sucks to be black in South Africa, too.

Doesn't help when the Marxist natives have left guys like this in charge of keeping the peace purely for his Marxist loyalties and the (non white) color of his skin.

Wait, did I say things were looking moderately stable? Get ready for the next round of abuses against whites. According to this and this, the S.A. government has now voted in the right to seize white farms Robert Mugabe-style, and we all know how that turned out.

From top link:
South African President Thabo Mbeki [Splash: Mbeki is a close friend of Mugabe and rumored to be housing him] called for an investigation into the violence. He has been reluctant to describe it as xenophobic because many South Africans have criticized his government for not doing enough to deal with the crisis in neighboring Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is in the midst of an economic collapse, with nearly 80 percent unemployment and inflation estimated to be at 160,000 percent. "
Yep, sucks to be South African.

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