Monday, June 2, 2008

New news is good news

Stuff that struck me while getting caught up on the latest from the trades:

- McAvoy would be excellent, but Nachooooo Baggins? Jack Black says no.

- Danny Glover's rabid Marxism gives him presidential stature to Roland Emmerich.

- Never heard of this guy, but I like him so far.

- Mel Brooks hasn't been funny since 1975, something he apparently, finally realizes.

- Final Orbit sounds like it may be worth a spin.

- "Tinker Bell was a disaster. The story didn’t work, too many fart jokes and lesbian innuendos..." Disney shareholders, thank your second lucky star to the right John Lasseter has entered the House of Mouse.

- More from Jackson/del Toro on Hobbit.

- And finally, looks like we can file another one under "Ideas I Should Have Had First."

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