Monday, August 25, 2008

Countdown to Obamanation!

Welcome to the MTV Video Music Awards!

We're just 15 minutes into this thing (DVR tape delay), and I'm already loving life. As if Obama signing up The Plagiarizer as his running mate wasn't going to be fun enough.

The eyes-open "may we all be good people" opening prayer -- by some female senator in direct address to the delegates -- was awesome to behold. And by awesome I mean spectacularly typical. Clueless Democratery from the pure source.

And what's with the cheesy band playing people to the podium?? It's like a dry run for the "Tonight Show" in here. And by dry I mean sucky. Clearly Howard Dean's idea of hip and edgy. (I love it when he gets all excited about his work.)

Ah... Don't let it bring you down, Democrats. That farewell bash in Beijing last night already proved Communists know how to party.

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