Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin/McCain '08!!

Sarah Palin -- tough-as-nails, anti-establishment, true conservative, true reformer, hockey mom, military mom, pro-life in a very personal way, outsider, conservationist, hunter, fisher...and all-around babe.

She hasn't even been formally announced yet, but CNN is in overdrive trying to cut her down already, questioning her lack of experience the way they haven't for a single moment regarding top man on the Democrat ticket -- despite the fact she's the only person on either ticket with executive experience.

So that's two for our side with hardcore records of defying the party they're members of (righteously in her case), while Biden (politician longer than McCain) and Obama (who has never crossed the aisle on a single issue!) are smelling past the pull-date in a big way at this point.

Proving again, we're the mavericks here. An opposition spokesman on CNN after Denver last night said that with Obama's angry partisan speech, he had gone down "in a fiery ball of hypocrisy." This morning, after this move, Barry's charred embers aren't even warm.

Will this work in McCain's favor with nervous conservatives? I've clearly been one up to now, and all I want to know at this point is where I can sign up for my billboard-sized McCain lawn sign.

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