Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Death in the Corn: Part I

Michael Yon's latest dispatch takes us to a British Forward Operating Base in remotest Afghanistan. As always, it's something special you'll find nowhere else in the mainstream media and more than worth reading.

This war is just beginning. Great war is in the air. ... Afghanistan is a time machine. Primitive men fight with modern weapons, radios and telephones. The Taliban’s eagerness to embrace ignorance will doom them eventually, but how many of us will they kill first? They are a relic of the beasts in our nature.

The asides about rampant Taliban, Afghan and Iraqi homosexuality are particularly creepy. The resolve and emotional resilience of NATO troops is particularly inspiring.

Talk about life on another planet.

If you're up for some more, don't miss Yon's reporting on the sucess of an amazing logistics feat deep in hostile territory in his Where Eagles Dare dispatch from late last month.

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