Monday, September 22, 2008

Emmys at 60 running on fumes

Seriously, Emmys... This is all you've got?

This was the 60th anniversary of the Emmys -- essentially the 60th anniversary of TV. Yet apart from the obligatory shot of Lucy on the assembly line, Clint Eastwood on 'Rawhide' and a few other mini moments, there was a glaring lack of respect for anything made before 1965. (Pre-activist TV/Norman Mailer era, ya see.)

Trotting out a flaming-lib, near-senile Tommy Smothers for a totally political award about summed it up.

And in the montage of stars who had passed on this year, note who got applause and who didn't...

No applause:
Charlton Heston
Richard Widmark
Deborah Kerr
Syd Charisse
William F. Buckley

Much applause:
George Carlin
Bernie Mac
Tim Russert (But only when it became apparent he was interviewing Hillary Clinton in the clip.)

The show was lame, lame, lame even without the liberal grandstanding. The opening bit featuring a grip of reality TV hosts was physically painful to watch. Then came the avalanche of politics... Oscar-like wins for stuff nobody has seen ('Recount')... Martin Sheen back in his 'West Wing' Oval Office telling us to vote... Colbert and Stewart making prune jokes about John McCain... (Ironically, Stewart mainly skewered his leftist audience when he hosted the Oscars last year. What, is it an election year or something?)

Worst of all, 'Lost' and 'The Office' were shut out.

Josh Grobin's theme song medley was kinda cool, as was Ricky Gervais reclaiming his Emmy from Steve Carell. Funny, clever stuff. Other than that... Wow.

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