Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bachmann is just the beginning

Keepin' it real, paying the price

Billionaire carpetbagger Tim Gil, aka The Gay Godfather (Thanks, Jeremy), wants to kill our babies. Literally, I'm sure, but in this case, it's strangling the next generation of conservatives in the crib that he's all about.
"...Gill famously put it this way: 'I want to end the career of the next Rick Santorum before it starts.' ”
Well, if money talks, Michele Bachmann is getting an earful. All for having the audacity to suggest the media do its job.

Luckily, in the one-sided murderball game played against her by the Left and its media toadies, Bachmann can at least count on her own party to defend her, right? Seeing as how it's in danger of losing a significant number of congressional seats already as it is?
"To add to her troubles, the national Republican Party—which has been in almost complete retreat from conservatives and their ideas for the past two election cycles—confirmed Wednesday, just two weeks before the election, that it will not run previously planned TV advertisements on Bachmann’s behalf."

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