Monday, October 27, 2008

Eat the rich!

Meet Obama's new cash cows. Seem like greedy bastards worth pumping for greenbacks to me.

They haven't suffered. They haven't paid their dues. While the rest of us were busy doing our duty being average -- skipping class, partying and whatnot in college -- they were acting all high falutin' taking night classes, going into triple-digit debt, working for free to rub our noses in it and fool us all into thinking they were special, entitled to more money in the end, just because.

Sure they're already paying a huge percentage of the nation's taxes, but Barack is right. We won't be able to thrive as a people until families like this are living in the projects, and their children are forced not to continue on the same path as mom and dad into the medical field but to take lesser jobs like you and me and Nanci Pelosi.

Check out these arrogant punks here. And while you're watching, hum the Aerosmith song Barack better play at his inauguration after we the people elect him to spread the wealth around. Hum it with your face twisted in righteous indignation...

'Cause I'm a sick of your complainin'
About how many bills
And I'm sick of all your bitchin'
Bout your poodles and your pills
And I just can't see no humour
About your way of life
And I think I can do more for you
With this here fork and knife!

Eat the Rich: there's only one thing they're good for
Eat the Rich: take one bite now - come back for more
Eat the Rich: I gotta get this off my chest
Eat the Rich: take one bite now, spit out the rest!

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