Sunday, October 19, 2008

SHOCKER: Late night talk favors Obama!

Stage Left

286 to 42. That's the ratio of anti-McCain shtick to anti-Obama gags on late night TV over the past five weeks. And if you've been paying attention -- as I have -- you know the anti-Obama jokes are largely softballs and/or tangential to the man, while McCain and Palin get hit between the eyes with a sledghammer every single time.

Don't miss Ashley Banfield on the lack of Joe Biden jokes: There's just not a lot of material there.

Right Ashley. No material. At all. None. Not a thing.

Botox, the Scrooge hair, the Scrooge-hair hairplugs... Obama is black and therefore off limits. I get that. (Not.) But Biden? The man's a glorious train wreck of comedy, and LenoLetterKimmel O'Brien is asleep at the switch.

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Dean said...

Obama baby photo- killer- that is just the kind of stuff Late Night does to the right.
I can hear the late night audience roaring with laughter at it right now.