Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Death threats against city leaders over Prop 8

How it used to be

We've had a few laughs about the violence from the Left this election cycle. To my knowledge, it's really unprecedented. And given the levels it's reaching, I probably shouldn't be laughing.

I linked to this earlier today, but as it happened in Fresno, a place we once lived and still love, it shouldn't get lost in the shuffle.
"...The caller was Georgeanne White, chief of staff for Fresno Mayor Alan Autry. Someone opposing California’s Proposition 8, White said, had just issued a pair of email death threats. One was directed at Autry, the other at [local pastor] Franklin, both of whom had spoken on Sunday at city hall in support of Proposition 8, which would restore traditional marriage as the only kind recognized in the state.

“Is the threat serious?” Franklin asked White on the phone.

Yes, she said—and specific. The email explained exactly how the sender intended to dispatch the two men."
Click here for the full story.

One of the worst aspects of the triumph of evil this election cycle is the willing participation of Christians who don't know any better. Largely, I'm convinced, because the vast majority of churches and pastors refuse speak out from the pulpit on the biblical imperatives at stake -- beyond the safe "be sure to vote, folks, however you lean!"

That's unconscionable. They should. Up to and including proactively urging their people to vote one way or the other as is their constitutional right and biblical duty on issues like this.

Church leaders used to speak out. They used to welcome abuse, even jail time for speaking to the world around them. Today, the vague threat of losing "tax exempt status" is a welcome sapling to hide behind. As is the assumption, perhaps, that voting will follow naturally the changed heart. Unfortunately, that's not the way it works, because the issues are nuanced, complicated, begging for interpretation by spiritual leaders.

God bless true leaders like Franklin and Alan Autry. God bless Fresno, where, I can tell you from experience, this kind of leadership courage happens all the time.

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