Saturday, November 1, 2008

Imagine if Bush had...

This American Spectator reader's comments have been getting attention elsewhere, and they're too good to not post here as well.

"...Bush had given a speech. Just one speech at the controversial university [Bob Jones U], but that was enough for the press to join him at Jones’ hip. Thus, the press piled on:

Feb 27, 2000 – Los Angeles Times - “Bush is wishing he'd never set foot on the Bob Jones campus”
Feb 28, 2000 – BusinessWeek - “Bush received an enthusiastic response at Bob Jones U.”
Feb 28, 2000 – Washington Post - “Bush Caters to the Bigotry of Bob Jones”
Feb 29, 2000 – International Herald Tribune - “criticized Mr. Bush for speaking at Bob Jones University,”
Mar 4, 2000 – Seattle Post-Intelligencer - “do we want the ideals of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Bob Jones?”
Mar 4, 2000 – Dallas Morning News - “a letter of regret for visiting Bob Jones University”
Mar 4, 2000 – Dayton Daily News - “Gerald Ford says he would not have spoken at Bob Jones”
Mar 5, 2000 - Contra Costa - "The definition of George Bush's compassionate conservative is Bob Jones III ...
Mar 5, 2000 – Los Angeles Times - “aggrieved over Bush's visit to Bob Jones University”
Mar 5, 2000 – Miami Herald - “Bush was insensitive to Catholics by visiting Bob Jones University.”
Mar 5, 2000 – Chicago Sun-Times - “criticism of Bush for his visit to anti-Catholic Bob Jones University”
Mar 5, 2000 – Maureen Dowd- “In South Carolina, former Gov. David Beasley … gave a bear hug to Bob Jones Bush.”
Mar 6, 2000 – Guardian Unlimited - “Mr Bush had to repair the damage done by his appearance at the Bob Jones university”
Mar 6, 2000 – Philadelphia Daily News - “the Bob Jones affair”

(Craig goes on at some length in this vein and then adds . . .)

Now imagine if Bush hadn’t just given a speech, but also…

• Was an active member of the church for 20-years
• Was married by Bob Jones
• Had his children baptized by Bob Jones
• Gave tens-of-thousands to the church
• Titled a book after one of Jones’ sermons
• Had regularly listened to Jones’ sermons on tape while at grad school
• Had appointed Jones to his campaign
• Funded his radical education activities thru foundation funds
• Claimed Jones as his spiritual mentor

…and then claimed he was “only vaguely aware of Bob Jones University's policies and past”? The MSM hypocrisy is breathtaking."

But no, we're just a bunch of racists desperate to keep a black man out of the White House by manufacturing his connections to PLO radicals, Pentagon bombers and (community) organized voter fraud.

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