Sunday, November 9, 2008

Obama's caesar salad days?

Easy there, Octavius! We were only kidding!

Between Obama's homemade "Office of the President-Elect" logo to this word he intends to rule by decree immediately, I'm getting more nervous by the day.

On the other hand, I was kind of afraid all that Audacity of Hype would cool to a temperature safe enough for him to skate by as just another politician, albeit a leftist one. Dispensing with parliament from the get-go, though, would indicate otherwise.

Sure, many presidents have used them, but they tend to be few and relegated to back-burner issues -- for the very fact most presidents are humble (or shrewd) enough to leave the biggies to national debate and popular vote. Bush's ban on abortion-linked overseas funding wasn't exactly a ban on abortion. Yet Obama is fixin' to halt offshore drilling and approve stem cell research with the wave of a pen, two major issues on which debate is ongoing and the country is very much divided??

More power to you, Mr. President Elect. (Not literally.)

Keep this stuff up, and we just might have a nice little popular uprising in time to take back some seats in 2010 with minimal effort.

Can we actually have another 1996 just down the road? Yes! We! Can!


Anonymous said...

Post Obama Realization syndrome sets in:

The comments are hilarious.

Splash said...

"...Last time I shook his hand in Iowa he smelled like a Winston."