Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The GOP is dead. Deader than the Democrats a few cycles ago. Like a baseball team that banks on aging, single-season free agents, we've completely neglected our farm system for too long.

Seriously. Who's in charge now? Where is our future? Maybe Sarah Palin? She has the drive, the "it" factor and a guaranteed four years to get up to speed. Bobby Jindal is another name that could excite.

Other than that, there's just no one out there.

Let's be honest. 9/11 saved the Republican party, as it, by the grace of God and its own hawkish virtues, then saved the Republic from 9/11's perpetrators. But we've dodged a bullet for decades, even before we started betraying the memory of Ronald Reagan, oh, long about 1998.

Complete now is the demographic shift -- encouraged by far-sighted Democrats -- effected by the influx of millions of Latinos who, God bless 'em, arrive knowing only the political tradition of "vote for the man promising the most stuff." As CNN explored at length tonight.

That fact alone has put a growing number of states out of reach, effectively eliminating conservative political philosophy as a force going forward, unless their children can be taught a better way at school. But since public education and the pervasive "culture of cool" have already rewired the synapses of a generation to prize sexy over substance of any kind, well... Not a pretty picture.

That said, I refuse to curl up under a park bench with a bottle of cheap scotch. At least beyond tonight.

People have been clamoring for a third party forever, right? This may be as close as we're ever gonna get. The GOP is a broken brand, but we still own the real estate. The command structure is still in place. Now we just need a commander with a heart for what matters and the guts to pull the trigger.

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