Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What's a wallaroo, mate?

Love at Outback Steakhouse

I just found several more reasons beyond Nicole Kidman to avoid Baz Luhrmann's "Australia" like the plague.

From Garth Franklin's review:

"...Hugh Jackman's 'The Drover' is the rugged reluctant hero and the sole local white man in a community where the women are snobbish hate-fueled racists and the men are rich schemers or ugly goons who spend their time raping Aboriginal women (only implied of course). Armed with a thicker than usual accent and Jackman's natural charisma, Baz isn't afraid to play up the actor's roguish charm or physical beefcake - notably displayed in an truly gratuitous bathing scene that plays out like an ad for a gay men's body wash."
Rapist, racist white folks (what else could there be?) and Hugh Jackman making sweet, sweet slow-motion love to a luffa. Noooo thank you.

The only way I'd possibly see this is if Paul Hogan rides up on a kangaroo and makes a pair of boots out of Jackman's character before careering down a mountainside cracking a whip and yelling about barbies and billabongs and such.

Or if these guys show up.

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