Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In case you're keeping score at home...

If this goes down like it seems to be going down, I pray Al Franken gets hit by a bus. One just big enough to hurt but not kill. Ideally one loaded with poorly secured cacti, porcupines and ninja throwing stars. Then I'll pray one of those tiny cartoon clouds materializes over his head and starts raining rubbing alcohol. And fire. And dog crap.

Nor, as the lady points out, will this be the first time Democrats have sprinted from the proverbial Walmart with a few plasma screens under arm.

As newish Washington state residents we missed the shenanigans pulled by current Governor and all-around babe Chris Gregoire to abscond with the election, but it remains the stuff of legend and armed peasant revolt around here. Sadly, she surfed Obie wan Kenyobi's wave into an undisputed second term more recently. But that's another story.

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