Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lincecum lands 2K cover; Giants reduce prices, pursue Big Unit


I neglected to congratulate Tim Lincecum on his well-deserved Cy Young win at the time, but the cover of a bestselling video game is pretty good, too.
" 'I'm a huge video-game guy, and to be able to do something like this really is a dream come true,' Lincecum said. "I remember playing the college baseball video game when I was at [the University of] Washington, and Jered Weaver was on the cover. Me and my teammates would play and talk about how cool that would be to be the cover guy, and here I am.' "
This makes me nervous, though...

" 'You don't really realize all the little things that go into something like this,' Lincecum said. 'When you're in a real game, in front of 50,000 people, it's all just natural. But when you're out there by yourself, doing all the little stuff, it's totally different to have to think about it' "

Do not overthink it, Tim. Do. Not. Just ask Barry Zito.

    In other Giants news:

  • Looks like Brian Sabean is eying Randy Johnson for a spot on the rotation. The Big Unit is in no hurry to decide, but throwing at AT&T would be a smart move for his aging arm IMHO.

  • The team will be the first in the league to implement "dynamic ticket pricing" for the coming year, allowing for lowered prices on not-so-interesting games or pitching matchups.
In case you're wondering, prices will stay the same or go down next year.
"We want to ensure that baseball remains accessible to everyone even during tough economic times."
That sounds good, and I think it will be, but a few of the reasons listed to adjust prices include events that would appear to tick prices up in future when demand is high. I guess only time'll tell.

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