Thursday, January 15, 2009

BOMBSHELL: Barry Bonds wasn't lying!

Looks like Barry may be in the clear. I mean, he was definitely on the Clear, but when he said he wasn't on steroids he may have been telling the truth as defined at the time of his testimony.
" 'This case has been presented as Barry Bonds lying about steroids,' said Christopher Cannon, a San Francisco defense attorney with extensive experience in federal perjury cases. 'The government’s theory is that he was taking the Clear. If the government knows the Clear wasn’t a steroid – then when Barry said he wasn’t taking a steroid, he was telling the truth.' ”
This of course assumes the Clear and the Cream were all he was on. If that's the case, even his "enhanced" career may yet merit him a fastball's chance in Cooperstown.

(And if that statement doesn't draw a comment from a certain Spokane-based known reader of mine, nothing will!)


XDPaul said...

I didn't realize that Bonds was a scientologist.

Splash said...

"Keep It Together, Keep It Together, Keep It Together! K.I.T.! Keep It Together!" (Eddie Murphy, Bowfinger)