Thursday, January 22, 2009

Die, Hollywood! Die!

God help us. What is wrong with this town?


K said...

Number 1. I call BS. Sounds like a marketing ploy for the next "Blair Witch Project". Just the usual tacky runaway Hollywood commercialism.

Number 2. Post prop 8 world makes gay porn films "art". The "straight guy who does gay sex" thing is the analog of the "lesbian" encounters popular in straight porn for years. Good to see that Sundance is catering to their true audience.

I actually welcome this. Make films that satisfy the gay demographic - stop mixing gay junk in with the straight films. So tired of metrosexual leads.

3.Carey's career has tanked, looks to me he's pulling a "Clooney". Do something politically trendy and "brave" to get attention and sympathy from the casting directors and Hollywood press.

Splash said...

That's totally what Jim Carey is doing. He's been desperate for a "serious" role forever. (Why do comedians insist on doing this?? Make it sound like it did on the album!) He's flopped at serious fare, and lately he's flopped at comedy. At that point, the only way to revive your standing among your peers is to pull a 'Brokeback.'

Anonymous said...

What was good about Cable Guy? I felt sorry for Matthew Broderick the whole time.

Whatsa VOD?