Thursday, January 29, 2009

'Gladiator' writer takes on '1066'

Norman goes a conquestin'

Me likey.

From Variety:
“The events of 1066 are some of the most fascinating in history, which have never been portrayed on the big screen before,” said Webster and Garrett, in a statement. “The scale of the piece is emblematic of Shine’s ambitions. It’s a great way to start off the relationship with New Regency. It will be a big-budget film on an epic scale.”
Actually, this could go either way. As long as it's "intelligent actioner" epic (Gladiator), not "bloated romance novel" epic (Elizabeth: The Golden Age), we're good. Unfortunately, Nicholson wrote both, so...

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Mr_Magoo said...

Me likey too. I'm a big fan of movies like Gladiator, 300, Braveheart and King Arthur. I have read a lot of Bernard Cornwell and authors like him. I am in the middle of reading Jack Whyte's "skystone/Arthur series now. My money is on it turning out like Gladiator.