Friday, January 9, 2009

Iran says no to suicide tours of the Holy Land

Tehran U., baby! We're number one! We're number one!

Don't you love it when the universe supplies its own punchline?

I can just see the flyer posted in the student union at Tehran University, easy-tear tabs and all. Intramural softball... Scrapbooking... Sign-ups for suicide attacks in Israel!

Sure, it's an easy way to boost your grade in Infidel Studies, but realistically how does this get you a job after graduation?


Floyd R. Turbo said...

Hey Dude... thanks for commenting the other day and for the linky-love. Long time no "see" as it were.

Great post here... I'm still waiting for intramural suicide bombing at the state unies here in CA -- especially in the UC system.

Splash said...

Yeah, man! Sorry I haven't been around much over there lately. I shall rectify that situation!

Mrs. P said...

I was feeling good and depressed and you just RUINED it.

LOL!!! In spite of myself...