Saturday, January 3, 2009


President Bush has issued his latest pardons. This time meth dealers and illegal immigrant smugglers-for-profit have been turned loose, but not two border patrolmen whose darkest crime -- assuming for a drunken moment the whole thing wasn't a political payoff to Mexico in the first place -- was the non-lethal fanny wounding of a dead-to-rights, repeat-offender drug runner who had illegally crossed the border these two were sworn to secure with state-issued, bullet-shooting weapons.

Could Dubya be the most liberal Republican president ever? Definitely. Prove me wrong here. And among presidents of any party, I'd put him somewhere between FDR and LBJ at this point. (Only because I have a feeling I'd like LBJ's pardons more than these so far. Otherwise, no difference at all.)

I know all presidents free some strange birds, the understanding being that these cases arrive on the desk with issues, serious questions or extenuating circumstances attached.

But there was ever a case that qualified for review, it's Ramos and Compean. You've had congressmen on both sides of the aisle lobbying against this miscarriage of justice for months now, for Pedro's sake. There's just no excuse.

A 10+ year sentence for each is nearly as hard to understand as this lack of respect from their commander in chief.

Still time left to do the right thing, sir. Don't make me come down there and start throwing shoes.

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K said...

Could Dubya be the most liberal Republican president ever?

Based on policies, I'd have to give that to Nixon, actually.

If activist Republicans are serious about purging the party of Democrat lites, then they'd better start getting behind Gingrich, Thompson and Palin ASAP.