Thursday, January 29, 2009

Six degrees of Harry Reid

In my pathological need to tie everything on this blog to politics, I give you this video tribute to the fiscal genius of the Democratic Party. Let's just say it's in honor of the economic stimulus plan passing the House. (See? Am I good or what?)


J. Grant Dys said...

Ok, easily the best part of that video was the guy smoking while the car flipped over beside him. If you could have heard his internal, phlegmatic dialog, it would have been, "Huh. Look at that. A car flipped over."

And, no matter how many times I see that tubby lady being dragged through the sand and sea on the parasail, I always crack up. It's the fight to get her arms back to the "t" position once in the air - like the gymnast who did a dismount, but landed crotchwise on the balance beam still pulling off the "Mary Lou Retton TA-DA" moment.

So funny.

Stinkin' liberals!

Mr_Magoo said...

And unfortunately in about 12 months our economy will be like the guy holding onto the bumper of the car while it continues to head into the great abyss.

However, incapable of ever admitting they made a mistake, they will pass another stimulus plan and create another 600,000 government jobs.

Splash said...


Yeah, that old guy was awesome. Talk about unflappable. I also like the flying fire hydrant in the second clip after the truck hits it.

Most of those had me in stitches, but that face-plant on the stone wall made me cringe in horror.