Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Night Fever!

I'm sorry, but what the funk was that?? Are we ruled by royalty now? I don't remember voting Obama prom king, let alone actual king, though with the DJ and near make-out session on the dance floor, it was maybe closer to the former. Awk-ward.

So that's what they call a neighborhood ball? Wall to wall tuxes, plasma screens and R&B stars? No burgers... No icy tubs of cold beer and sodas... Not even a bounce house for the neighborhood kids. (Speaking of which, I've been to D.C. When Stevie Wonder is the only disabled black man in the house, it ain't no neighborhood ball.)

And did you catch all the Cirque du Soleil action gyrating from the silken ceilings? Guess I was on the money with my "Bread and Circuses" post. And by money, I mean your tax money, which I guarantee was being spent in some capacity on this cavalcade of bling.

I hope to find more footage later, but the first couple's "Enchantment Under the Sea" slow dance is up now at least. Hold onto your lunch.


Mr_Magoo said...

Was this followed by the Chambers Bros' "Time Has Come Today." I thoughout I heard the clock ticking right at the end.

Last night was a big night for African Americans like Beyonce who have struggled "lo these many years". We all know how hard it must have been for her -- with that wonderful voice, perfect face and incredible body -- to come as far as she has.

To be fair to her, she is an incredible talent and does the song justice. Somehow I feel that the whole At Last scheme was hatched for Beyonce long before last night - just for last night.

I just don't like all the "at last" crap from Hollywood -- as you may have guessed. Blacks are still in the gutter and held there by liberals not conservatives. There is nothing "at last" about this for them as they will soon learn but will still blame "whitey."

No comment on the almost ass grabbing from the first couple. When the clip started I thought I was going to have to delete the original version of the song from my Ipod. But I seemed to have come through it ok.

Splash said...

So true. There was a CLEARLY upper middle class black family on CNN this morning talking about what it was like to be there. Very well-spoken, obviously well-off. Pretty much the Huxtables. Yet they were going on about how they can now tell their kids they can have a bright future in America. Unbelievable.

It will be the white obstructionists in Congress they'll blame when he fails to deliver, alright. That or Obama's white half if he really drops the ball.

The whole thing last night was embarrassing, up to and including Ray Romano's deer-in-the-headlights performance and the Biden's dance (Joe's line was funnier than anything Ray said, tho.)

But yeah... Beyonce be hot!

Mr_Magoo said...

Splash, CNN didn't have a homeless, black family on the show? Or a black convict? Or a black heroine addict? Blacks in America were best represented by The Huxtables. How odd!

There is a good article I caught through the Hot Air headlines called "Seduced by the Saint" (Seduced by Saint Obama @ HA).


"Progressive politics is essentially an emotional, rather than rational, pursuit. Its foundations rest on altruistic, even utopian, beliefs about the perfectibility of man and society. For progressives, hope triumphs over experience.

That causes leftist politicians to place a large premium on myth-making, rhetoric and romance. And leftist journalists swallow it whole."

I hate it when I say to myself, "I wish I wrote that!"

Mrs. P said...

The Prom King should have paid more attention in dance class.