Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cate joins Russell Crowe in 'Nottingham'

Pretty maid all in a row...with a Crowe

Cate Blanchett has signed on to play Maid Marian in Nottingham. Talk about trading up from the previously announced "talent" for that role.

Ridley Scott, Russell Crowe, now Cate... This thing is gonna rock the greenwood.


K said...

Certainly this is a poor attempt to supplant the definitive Kevin Costner version.

Splash said...


Traffic Cop Timmy said...

I love Cate! I repeat. I love Cate!

My favorite movie for her is Veronica Guerin. She is so cool in that role. Her smile lights up my world. When she dances with her husband and her little boy comes in and starts dancing, I want to dance too.

Did I mention I LOVE CATE?

Splash said...

She's a rare beauty. And the rarer combo of beauty and talent.