Friday, February 20, 2009

Foster counselor fired for accidental music exposure

Musik ist verboten!

Despite the fact you'll find the term nowhere in the Constitution, we do have a "separation of church and State" problem out there. And the problem is State "separating" church into the gulag.

The woman, who, according to a press release from Pacific Justice Institute, had almost 20 years of experience, took four girls for a 5K run and then stopped at the beach. While eating lunch there, they were exposed to [Christian] music from a [secular] beach fest called Surf Jam at the Huntington Beach Pier.

When they got back from the field trip, the counselor was ordered into a disciplinary meeting and when the incident was reviewed months later, was suspended for six weeks for "exposing children to unapproved religious activities."

Anybody know where I can get me one of those Anarchist Cookbooks? (Dear Government Internet Police: that was a joke...maybe.)


Anonymous said...

Under the Taliban in Afghanistan, kite-flying was illegal. And, we're not talking kite-flyers getting citations. --CI Photog

Anonymous said...

I can only hope you're joking, CI. You're right, it's not kite fliers, just some troublesome fit picnicking beach goers...

If this is o.k. and we should relax, I'd like to know who to talk to to get some folks at the park the other day and some others at a hotel we stayed at Wed. night in trouble for dropping the F-word and several other choice expressions in front of my girls who are both under the age of 6 (just for equalities sake.) The only response to whether that was appropriate or not was the comment that "they don't seem too worried about it."
Oh, shucks... that free speech thing...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, joking. I thought the Taliban/kite thing was a hilarious example of how the militant islamic mind has gone through a blender. Just reminded me.
I suggest that you pick hotels and parks in a better part of town, though.
Yesterday, I lightly admonished a young co-worker for dropping some f-bombs in front of some ladies in our office and got Ward Cleavered for it. That's okay, I Beavered him back.
That deal with the teacher was crazy. Considering the typos in that report I question the veracity of it. Wreckless. Hey, read the headine again, carefully....
You can't believe everything you see on the internet. -- CI

Splash said...

Read the "headine"?? I would if I knew what a "headine" was. ;-)

OK, you're right. That was bad. Double typos. No spellcheck in headline mode, apparently.

But I think you got your cliche wrong. The saying goes "you can't believe everything you read in the newspaper."

It's a holdover from the days when people waited around for their news to arrive all late and well-edited in the form of clunky wads of parchment. If you look around you can still find one of two of the things still plugging away today. Usually in small towns with limited Internet access and paved roads.

But since you mention it, if you're serious, the "report" isn't hard to believe. My dad was demoted by the Associated Press when someone spotted my mom in the crowd at a pro-life rally in the early 80s. Sued their asses and won, too. And the world has only grown more hostile since to those who believe in absolutes (unless you're a hate-spewing, violence-espousing Muslim, of course, in which case you can fear-factor the powers that be into submission at will).

Anonymous said...

Touche, Mr Spelchek. -- CI