Saturday, February 7, 2009

Going nuclear

Heja, världen!

Well glory be... Even my onetime adopted homeland Sweden -- that paragon of worthiness in the eyes of liberals everywhere -- is going (or remaining) nuclear now.

And here's why:
Using renewable sources to generate those same quantities of power would present huge technical and financial challenges, and might even be impossible, while using coal or less-polluting natural gas would make it much harder for either country to meet its targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Echávarri said.
So what's our deal then? I thought the Democrats were all about emulating all things European and bringing backward, backwoods, hillbilly America into line with almighty Euro Progress? Now, no? What am I missing here?

More importantly, how on earth could the far-seeing King Solomon of our times, Obie wan Kenyobi, be missing it?

Oh, and don't forget these little darlings.


K said...

I'm not sure this means so much that the Swedes have gone right as they may now actually be taking AGW seriously.

When Al Gore starts demanding emergency nuke plant construction I'll start taking AGW seriously. Well, sort of seriously.

Splash said...

True dat, K. Though the recent history of Sweden has demonstrated a rare willingness entertain ideas not coming from the extreme Left. And even -- shocker! -- seating a center-right government not that long ago.

I just find it funny (and typical) that the true anti-progressives in America are the self-proclaimed Progressives.

carl nelson said...

I love how educatedly myopic that statement nuclear energy is monolithically anti-liberal??????? hmmmmmmm. If that were the case and all freethinkers in America were such Eurocopycats, wouldn't we be totally nuclear like France already?

Splash said...

Carl, that's my point. It's ironic that those so in love with Euro-style Everything in the civic realm are being left behind here. Making them more extreme than the more-extreme-in-general European movers and shakers.

Find me the liberal in high places willing to budge an inch on nuclear and we'll talk. Obie totally shot it down during the campaign as has Al Gore, from whom every American liberal in or remotely near public office takes his marching orders when it comes to energy production.

Glad to have you around, though, dude! We need a pigheaded liberal to keep us on our toes around here. (But lay off corrupting my old pal Dave with your Obama mind tricks already, huh?)