Monday, February 9, 2009

Obama bonks his noggin

Why bother reporting how a president of the United States bumped his head while exiting Marine One? Oh I don't know. Probably has something to do with the press and late night talk making it their mission to bring us these updates for the past eight years. And they're the pros, right?

Yet note how the AP caption suggests The One's greatness even here. The world is just too small for this big man.

Seems like a good time to link here again, too.


Mrs. P said...

Nauseating, innit? Did you happen to catch the blurb about how the Bamster tried walking through a window to get back to the Oval Office?

Lest we laugh or see this as reason to question The Messiah's divinity, the blurb reminded us all that even though The Chosen One made this teeny, tiny little goof up that is somehow endearing in that it shows us that God-Men are people too, let us never forget that the idiot George Bush once tried exiting a room someplace overseas through a locked door.

Mrs. P said...

OH! Just checked the link, and obviously you did... der... well even superwomen make mistakes now and then. Isn't it endearing?