Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Islamic MTV - spinning the dopest, freshest hits in the Muslim universe

Michael Jackson, bringing sexy back!

This is fantastic news. Looks like the worm of pop culture is about to spoil Islam, too.

DJ Jazzy Habib, the new Ayatollah of Rock'nRolla, has had a revelation of Mohammedan proportions:

4Shbab TV is Abu Haiba's attempt to put young people back on the right path, he says, in a way that is fun and entertaining. Music videos from around the world – not just "Islamic videos," but anything that's positive, he says – air alongside call-in shows and contests like "Who wants to be an Islamic pop star?"...

The videos on 4Shbab don't have the backup dancers and beach side sets of their mainstream counterparts. In one, singer Sami Yusuf sits by a baby grand piano. Something of a Cairo heartthrob, Mr. Yusuf's song, "He is there," celebrates the omnipresence of God without being religiously specific.

So he's the Amy Grant of the Islamic world? That's musical bling to my infidel ears.

And it's already bearing Western-style fruit:
Drinking orange juice at a cafe along the Nile, Ismail Mohamed, a local university student, says he's open to the idea of watching an Islamic video channel. But for him, it would just be another network on the dial.

"Sure I would watch 4Shbab, I like to watch a lot of different things," he says. "Music videos, American movies, I watch whatever looks cool."

Couldn't happen to a nicer religion. Though it already is happening to a nicer religion.

Now if we can only get them to start singing praise songs that repeat every bland verse a minimum of six times per outing, we could see a 90-percent drop in suicide bombings worldwide!

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