Tuesday, March 24, 2009

NBC's Goliath fells David?

King me, NBC

So what's the deal with NBC's new show 'Kings'?

I saw a commercial or two, thought it looked interesting, but refrained from force-marching my already overburdened DVR into another full-season gig. I didn't realize it was based on the life of King David, set in the present (or is it future?), or I would have given it a spin.

From what I gather though, 'Kings' is just another kick in the nads for those of us crazy enough to take Scripture at face value. Turns out Israel is run by the Bush administration and Halliburton, David is a reluctant warrior, and Jonathan is (what else?) queerer than a three-shekel bill.

But here's the guy behind this abomination to explain his enlightened approach to Scripture and why you, good Christian, will support him if you're a good Christian.

World Magazine reviews the show here, calling David a "postmodern poster-child."
Even when he defeats Goliath, he doesn't do it for the Lord's honor and he doesn't do it with a sense of conviction; rather, like Forrest Gump, he stumbles into victory accidentally. A postmodern poster-child, there is no assuredness in David of his God or anything else. Of only one thing he is sure—that while he is a "good" person, as a hero he is a fraud. But this, of course, is what makes him the ultimate hero in a relativist worldview. Only because he knows he doesn't know anything for sure are we supposed to admire him. It is a sad, pale imitation of the heroism of the actual David: a man who knew his cause to be just because he fought on the side of the true God and, for the same reason, knew his victory was assured.
True, I'm prejudging based on a couple reviews and, y'know, the man's own words and all, but as a conservative Christian, prejudice is what I'm all about.


K said...

In Medved's book, "Hollywood vs America", he cites the Richard Gere "King David" movie from 85. They stripped out the religious elements on that one as well. Medved quotes the director saying "We don't think David was really a religious kind of guy" - referring, of course to the author of Psalms.

That movie bombed then, but unfortunately, I'm not so sure this version will today.

Splash said...

That '85 movie was bad at the time. It's probably hilariously bad by now.