Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Sweden rocked by radical Muslims"

Just another day in paradise

I lived in Sweden for two fantastic years in the '80s. Even then our own tiny little town was letting in some strange new neighbors, from Iran and elsewhere. The latest news breaks my heart:

A few years ago, the left-wing London Guardian newspaper called Sweden the most successful society the world has ever known. But Sweden today is being rocked by a large influx of Muslim immigrants and the growth of radical Islam.

Malmo is Sweden 's 3rd largest city and a major epicenter of the Islamization of Europe. Wide-open immigration policies have changed Sweden and have made Malmo, which is now one-quarter Muslim, one of the most racially divided cities in Europe.

Most Muslim immigrants are concentrated in one district, where the male unemployment rate is 82 percent. Crime affects one of three families in the city and rape has tripled in 20 years, according to the Christian Broadcasting Network.

In one housing project in the district, fire and emergency workers will no longer enter without police protection.

Malmo has been so accommodating toward immigrant Muslims that a local Muslim politician and imam has even declared, "The best Islamic state is Sweden !"

But Malmo's Jews won’t give the city the same glowing assessment. Jews who dare to walk the streets wearing yarmulkes on their heads risk being beaten up.

When Israel recently played Sweden in a Davis Cup tennis match in Malmo, protesters demonstrated against the Israeli presence in the city, and hundreds attacked police.

Journalist Lars Hedegaard, who is based across a bridge-tunnel from Malmo in Copenhagen, Denmark , told CBN News that pro-Israeli demonstrators in Malmo were met with rocks, bottles and pipe bombs from Palestinians and other Arabs.

Right-wing Swedish Democrats, who support limits on immigration, have been stigmatized by the left-wing Swedish media as fascist and bigoted.

But there is a growing acceptance that "the Swedish model" - generous welfare benefits combined with liberal immigration policies — is now unsustainable, according to CBN News.

Hedegaard said: “I think the best prediction is that Sweden will have a Muslim majority by 2049, so we know where that country’s going.”

Check out video here of an incident in Malmo in January, where peaceful Israeli demonstrators were disbanded by cowardly Swedish police too afraid to confront the larger, violent contingent of Muslims.

More video and news here from Tundra Tabloids on the topic.


Mrs. P said...

Wow. Two questions, the first one pretty dumb: why did Sweden become so popular? Just the lax immigration policies?

And what were you doing there in the 80's? Do you remember much about it?

Splash said...

Sweden became popular for its big boobs. By which I mean the teats upon which immigrants love to suckle. By which I mean its radical Socialist welfare state. Also had/has a wide-open immigration policy.

I lived there when I was 15 with the rest of my family. Dad taught at a politically conservative and Christian Swedish-English journalism college. Dad was rumored to be an agent for the dreaded Ronald Reagan and the CIA, which was not a compliment, though I thought it was pretty cool and walked around talking into my cuff links a lot just to freak people out.

So I remember plenty. Love, love, love the culture. (Even if we loathed the government.) We still celebrate Christmas with tons of the traditions we picked up there. Nice people. Too nice, obviously.

The conservative movement has been making progress there in recent years, but only relatively.

So sad to see my beloved Sverige committing suicide like this. (Read somewhere that 'Mohammad' was in the top 10 most popular Scandinavian names in those parts. Kinda like 'Jose' will be here in a few years.)

K said...

I recall, "Jose" was the most popular baby name in LA around 1990.

Maybe that's why you're in Fresno now.

Splash said...

"Jose" has been #1 in Fresburg for at least as long as LA. When we literally became the second-to-last English speakers on our block in Southeast Fresno last year, we picked up and moved to Washington state. It was getting too painful to watch our then 4-year-old run up to kids at the playground, say a friendly "hi!" and get snubbed like he was a space alien by the other kids.

Mrs. P said...

And there I was thinking they immigrated for the meatballs...

Thanks for filling in the gaps :)