Monday, March 2, 2009

'Terminator Salvation' pics up

Man vs. Machine

With Robin Hood suddenly turning all emo and angsty and feminist on us, Terminator Salvation moves to the head of the queue.

Because these new stills make the original look like a cheesy Van Damme flick.

Which is impossible, but I'm just saying. Very cool.


Anonymous said...

"Cheesy Van Damme flick." Well put. Definitely don't need no Schwarzenegger here.
This looks like a must-see on the big screen.
Is it me, or does it appear that most anything with Christian Bale in it is a winner?? --CI photog

Traffic Cop Timmy said...

John Connor finally comes of age. Finally! I've been waiting to see Connor in action during the war with the machines like forever. So much of every Terminator production has been about before the war and very little else.

I see McG is directing. He did well in the first Charlie's Angels IMO. Full Throttle was a mess. So I hope he does well with T4.

Splash said...

Sure looks good and gritty, don't it?

Christian Bale is definitely in the groove right now.