Wednesday, April 29, 2009

AP FACTCHECK: Obama is a big fat liar

You are getting sleeeepyyy, very sleeeeepyyy...

Someone named Calvin Woodward at the Associated Press just got himself in a heap of trouble. And if his bosses don't get him, the multiple federal agencies no doubt pouring over his personal files right about now surely will. Nobody puts Baby in a corner.


JohnFN said...

Watching Obama bluster and filibuster his way through a press conference, it would be nice if someone got to Gibbs, etc. with a follow up on the President's notion on debt. Just because Bush ran debt in $400 billion range, why does that make it OK for you to run it in the trillions? I've yet to hear a single Obamaphyle answer this.

Obama also doesn't acknowledge that Bush had to fight two wars and an early recession, and his deficit was shrinking until the crash came last Fall.

Splash said...

When the Prez isn't even referenced in Jon Stewart's brief shtick about Air Force One terrorizing Ground Zero, good luck getting the "real" press to call him on anything.