Monday, April 27, 2009

Promise Keepers goes girly

Looks like it's not just the government that thinks it can stabilize inherently unstable bubbles.

Remember Promise Keepers? The Christian dudes' organization is fading so fast they're turning to the ladies to keep them alive.

Only problem is, in my humble opinion, "PK" failed because it was a trendy self-help gimmick, like 90% of the rest of modern evangelical Christianity. Inviting women in to "challenge" their men sure isn't going to save it. Guys aren't wired for holding hands in a circle, let alone with their mothers-in-law.


K said...

It all depends on who's got command of the mind control satellites.

All those "Promise Keepers" scared the left as much as the Obamabots scare the right. Coincidence? I think not!

Splash said...

I control those satellites, K. But I mainly use them to get free HBO and rig the outcome of "American Idol."