Friday, June 5, 2009

Tories taking England by storm

OK in the UK!

With Gordon Brown's own MPs calling for him to step down and the Conservatives stomping Labour and the Lib Dems across the nation, things are looking up in Britannia.
"...The Conservatives have taken Staffordshire, Lancashire and Derbyshire from Labour - which had run all three since 1981 - as well as Devon and Somerset from the Lib Dems.

According to the BBC's estimated projected national vote share - the Conservatives are on 38%, Labour on 23% - a historic low - the Lib Dems on 28% and other parties on 11%.

...."We have won almost every council we could possibly have won ... We have won councils we really didn't think we were going to win ... so I don't accept that these aren't extremely good results for the Conservative Party," [said Conservative leader David Cameron].

He said the results showed people wanted a "strong, positive and united alternative" to the government and were seeing the Conservatives as that alternative.

"Across the country what's remarkable about these figures and what shines out is it's the Conservative Party winning in every part of the country," he said.

So as another nation in Europe does a spectacular about face, we here in the States stumble merrily on down the road to socialism.

So much for any Obama bounce!


K said...

Don't wet the paper just yet.

These are not Margaret Thatcher's Tories. Most are solidly behind the use of AGW to boost taxes and fees and you're not going to see a bid difference in taxes, Euro politics and limiting government.

The best comparison would be McCain winning the next election from Obama. IOWs, could anyone tell the difference?

Splash said...

Baby steps, K. Baby steps.

(Though I heard Mr. Cameron speak at a rally on TV last year and he sounded pretty spiffy. Campaign mode perhaps.)