Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Your tax dollars at work: Gay Pride edition!

So let me get this straight. California is so broke that it's closing state parks and issuing IOUs in order to pay for essentials like law enforcement. Yet the California Highway Patrol finds the resources to man a recruiting booth at the gay freak show known as "Sacramento Pride"?

My dad went to the anti-tax TEA party held at the same location a month or two ago. To my knowledge, the CHP didn't set up shop on that occasion, and if you asked them, I'd bet you a case of fruit-flavored KY Jelly they'd say something about the partisan nature of the day. At which point I'd ask them about their position on a key point of the Pride event -- opposition to Prop 8.

I heard somewhere that gays just want to be "treated equally under the law." Apparently that doesn't include the ones on public nudity and indecency. And if the cops tried to enforce them, you know these second-class citizens would riot like it's 1969.

And with President Obama praising those gay street brawlers (who injured a cop or two as I recall) I probably wouldn't risk it anyway.

Luckily, the CHP is too busy signing guys in bare-butt leathers to arrest them. Which explains at least one member of the Village People, too.

All these photos, by the way, come courtesy of a Facebook friend's album. There were more shocking ones -- including a leather-strapped, bare-chested lesbian with pierced nipples roaming the streets with a sno-cone -- but Facebook removed them overnight. Wouldn't want young eyes seeing stuff like that, would we?

Which brings me to the Sacramento Pride website, which promised a "kidzone" for the event. And no, that's not a joke about the picture below. Pretty sure they meant an actual kidzone, meaning Facebook has higher standards than the CHP.

Do you consider yourself Californian? My condolences. If I were you, I'd go out and raise holy hell about this.


K said...

The "Gay Pride" circus is only peripherally related to homosexuality in this country. It's actually more a function of what's discussed in this book:

It's simple: either we flush multiculturalism down the toilet of history, or we watch as some other culture, one with actual balls (e.g. Islam, Communist China) become our culture and flush it down the toilet of history.

Anonymous said...

No, that top photo was obviously taken in Iran because the women have gurkas over their faces, that Islam dictates they must wear in public.
The big question is, what's the CHP doing at a gay rally in Iran? --CI Photog

lefobserver said...
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Mrs. P said...

Speaking of double standards and exemption from law...Have you heard Eric Holder admitting that straight white protestants are not deserving of protection from hate crimes under whatever piece of legislative garbage he's trying to pass?

Splash said...

@K -- Book looks good. Thanks for the reco!

@Mrs. P -- Hadn't heard that, but I can't say it surprises me. More fuel for the fire that will consume these fools next election, God willing.

Anonymous said...

Those photos were taken in San Francisco, not Sacramento.

Splash said...

Not according to the Facebook friend who was at the event and supplied the pictures. And he plenty more. Including one with the Capitol building in the background.