Thursday, April 26, 2007

September Dawn breaks

Check out this very intriguing take on the upcoming film September Dawn, the true story of the Mountain Meadows massacre that took place on Sept. 11, 1887. An event in which over one hundred people were murdered in a Mormon-led ambush of a wagon train bound for California.

That's right, September 11. And the parallels between Osama bin Laden's minions and Brigham Young's are very interesting indeed.

I take special interest in this film for the fact that it's a story I toyed with writing myself for years and years.

Conservatives will be particularly pleased with the "coming out" of the biggest name in the film. (First Dennis Hopper, now Jon Voight? Nice to know not all hippies smell.)

Gotta wonder, too, if Voight's stance on this issue has anything to do with the threats against his daughter for starring in the upcoming film about the murder of Daniel Pearl.

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