Friday, April 27, 2007

An 'ugly' turn of events

Banned in Stockholm

What was that Rush Limbaugh said about feminism being invented to let ugly women compete?

Yes, tragic news from the Miss Sweden competition: bikini models need not apply.

All thanks to a brand of woman cut from the same burlap as America's own favorite Miss Photogenic. Women who raised a stink two years ago and have now eliminated swimsuits from the pageant.

Nor will Sweden be taking part in the Miss Universe Pageant until the rest of the world gets with the new "books, not boobs!" spirit of the event.

"...'The modernization of the international competition has been significantly slower than the Swedish contest, although we see signs of change on horizon. Until the parent organization catches up we have chosen not to participate this year,' [Miss Sweden] organizer Panos Papadopoulos said in a statement on Wednesday."

Personally, I have zero problem with beauty being skin deep. Or at least starting there.

"...The decision follows revelations that the current Miss Sweden, Isabel Lestapier Winqvist, posed in a swimsuit for the Swedish edition of men's magazine FHM. Papadopoulous told The Local earlier this week that the pictures were out of line with the contest's new modern image, adding he was considering removing her crown..."

Talk about squandering your country's natural resources.

And is someone named 'Panos Papadopoulous' really qualified to make important decisions like this for Sweden? I used to live there. Don't I get a vote?

But hey... Finally, a civil rights issue on which Bill Clinton and I stand in complete solidarity. For I have a dream. [Cue music.] And I will not rest or be silenced until that day women the world over are judged not by the content of their craniums, but on the color of their tans.

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