Monday, May 7, 2007

Vive la France!

I realize American conservatism and French conservatism are not the same thing. And I realize attention to "climate change" was one of Nicolas Sarkozy's first pledges to the French people upon his election yesterday.

But the election of Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday is nothing but a good thing.

He defeated a socialist who bears a striking resemblance to Hilary Clinton in policy and tone, and did it with style. Mocking Segolene Royale's negative tone in the last days as "moodiness" -- the French equivalent of "must be that time of the month" -- was a move I guarantee no Republican will have the balls to perpetrate should they face Mrs. Bill Clinton next year. (Fred Thompson might be in the ballpark, but he hasn't declared yet.)

Last year 'Sarko' also referred to punkass immigrant youth who set the country on fire as "scum" and steadfastly refuses to recant. His immigration reform reportedly will include restriction of new arrivals to skilled workers and people who, um, don't want to burn France to the ground. (Tom Tancredo is probably the only Republican candidate who would dare suggest a sane agenda like that here. Expect "melting pot" platitudes from the rest.)

His fiscal and foreign policies will reportedly seek to strengthen ties with the U.S. as well as block Turkey's entrance to the E.U.

The list goes on.

And best of all, Sarkozy's landslide win is being seen as something of a youth movement itself.

Of course it all depends on how parliamentary elections go in June. His German counterpart hasn't been able to enact much of her rightist agenda due to coalition government snags. Then again, he appears to have more backbone than anyone in Europe since De Gaulle, so maybe "Sarko and Angie" can become something of a bad cop, good cop duo to begin righting Europe's sinking ship.

Probably too early to really break out the champagne and caviar, but I'll certainly be ordering the large French Fries with my dog at the Giants/Mets game tonight.